Hello Stranger. I'm MR. X-BASH



I’ve been dealing with graphics, video montage, and design for years now.


It all started when I undertook to translate hentai. My very first project was “Okumoto Yuuta - Fortune Lovers”. Ever since then, I’ve been working on smaller tasks.


After some time, I’ve started wondering – what exactly are the motivations behind artists’ work. In June of 2017, I decided to conduct my first interview with the SexyCube Studio – the creators of “WallHack Inc.”


After a couple of interviews, I thought it’d be better to publish them regularly. Since November of 2018, I release an interview every Friday. Never would I have imagined there would be so many artists willing to be interviewed. Seeing this motivated me, even more, to create something not only for me but also for you guys.




But then, something happened...


The 17 December of 2018, Tumblr decided to shut down blogs with NSFW content. In my case, only one interview was “silenced”. Unfortunately, other creators weren’t as lucky.


In January of 2019, I came up with a name for my series of interviews with artists creating adult content – NSFI (Not Safe For Interview). Since March my series is published every Friday.


I also changed the form of my interviews. Now, they are more like a magazine available without any censorship. All the interviews are for everyone. For free. Without ads. For everyone.


In my free time, I create my own graphic works. I’m not a professional artist, but I’m trying as hard as I can to become one.


The 15 February 2019, I was contacted by someone that goes by the nickname “GrubyKisiel”. He offered me help with translations. That’s when I regained faith in my work. Thanks to that, I created my own team “X-Bash and Friends”. I’m thankful to this guy for lending me a helping hand.


Recently, in my interviews, they help me:

  • Ichor Mongrel - is responsible for creating new interview questions. It is thanks to him that I can publish interviews faster.
  • Lety Does Stuff - if it wasn't for her support and advice, there wouldn't be this website or a newer version of the interviews.
  • My Patrons - their financial support gives me financial resources to help me maintain my website and improve my work. In addition, they give me the motivation to continue this project.
  • My Followers from my Twitter account - their comments make me feel more than happy. Then I know that someone appreciates my work. And I respect them for that.


That’s all.




This website was created by Mr. X-BASH  |  2020-20XX






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